Our Chairman’s Bonus program pays back a percentage of our global revenue annually to our leaders and business builders to reward them for their hard work and dedication.

There are three levels you can qualify for that can give you big earning potential. Another bonus? You will be invited to the Global Rally at an exotic destination around the world to pick up your Chairman’s Bonus check. It doesn’t get any better than that!

Forever’s Global Rally brings together top FBOs from over 160 countries to discover new products, attend impactful trainings, be inspired by empowering stories, witness huge recognitions, enjoy amazing entertainment and more. There’s a reason we say it’s like nothing you’ve ever seen!

Qualifiers will travel to Global Rally, held each year in an exciting destination around the world. They will receive air, meals and hotel, an activity day all expenses paid and spending money to use during their trip or when they get home.

Eagle Managers represent our Forever Business Owners who are dedicated to building their business and helping others look and feel better.

The power of becoming an Eagle Manager is what it does to your business – by helping others look better, feel better and achieve their Forever dream, you are able to grow your business. That means bigger bonus checks, a larger team, higher retail income and more. Eagle Managers are also invited each year to Eagle Manager’s Retreat for training, relaxation and networking with other business leaders!

Whether your car is a status symbol or part of the family, feel great about your next adventure with Earned Incentive FOREVER2DRIVE. By qualifying, you can earn money for your dream car, boat, house, motorcycle, or whatever else you can dream of! 


There are three levels of qualification! The more case credits you accumulate toward the incentive, the higher the bonus you could earn.  

What You Need to Know


  • The majority of people who join Forever simply enjoy the products at a discounted price. As a result, in an average month during 2018, 88.6% of purchasers globally did not receive any meaningful compensation or earnings from Forever. Many others start their Forever business by selling part-time to their personal contacts as a way to make a little extra money.
  • 11.4% of monthly purchasers earned a volume-based bonus from the sales made by those they sponsored along with retail profits of 35-48% on all products they have sold personally.
  • Within this group of bonus qualified business owners are those who spend a few minutes per week to those who spend full time working their Forever businesses:

    • 69% of this group earned an average of $105 per month ($1,263 annualized) in bonus earnings.

    • 30% earned an average of $1,493 per month ($17,916 annualized) in bonus earnings.

    • Our highest earners, <1%, earned an average of $28,512 per month ($342,149 annualized) in bonus and incentive earnings.

  • The amounts are gross amounts combining multi-level bonuses, travel incentives and Chairman's Bonus. These amounts don’t include Retail Profits Business Owners earn by selling the product they purchase at Wholesale Price. Lastly, they do not include any taxes or business-related expenses incurred at the discretion of the Business Owner.
  • Forever Business Owners are their own boss and choose how and when to work. However, it is no secret that the harder you work, the more money you will earn.
  • In addition to working hard, building a successful Forever business can take time.
  • Like all business ventures, some will succeed, while others will not.
  • No specific investment is required to join Forever but if you want to qualify for bonus earnings and sponsoring capabilities then modest product purchases are required over two months to qualify.
Learn more about the Forever Incentives below and review the Forever Company Policy to learn more about incentive qualification and the compensation plan.